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Mission Statement 2013

At Eton Park Junior School we aim to provide a stimulating environment where pupils feel safe, gain in confidence and regard themselves as learners, thereby enabling them to secure the highest possible levels of academic achievement.

Co-operative work and play is at the heart of our work. Pupils learn the value of collaboration and team work. They respect each other, the views of others and they care for the environment.

No child is left behind, each individual is given the support and guidance to enable them to develop the skills and acquire the knowledge that will prepare them for the next stage of their school career.

We aim to extend the mutually supportive and caring ethos of the school to all parents and carers.

Our Values

The school recognises the value of each child as a unique individual.

All aspects of school life are carefully considered to develop and enhance intellectual potential, to promote an informed interest in an active and healthy lifestyle, to extend personal and social skills and to guide the spiritual and moral development of our pupils.  Children are taught to respect and value their peers and other members of the school community and to develop tolerance and a sensitive awareness of others as part of their preparation for citizenship both in and outside the school community.

While we recognise the parent as the primary educator of the child there are occasions when children need to be shown, through discussion or by example, that certain attitudes are not acceptable in school or the outside community.  Bullying, racial intolerance, lying and theft will not be tolerated.  The school works hard to promote harmony and respect for the beliefs and rights of others.

Our standards and expectations of behaviour are high.  We expect children to be honest, reliable, helpful, polite and responsible.  We regard respect for others as a basic standard of good behaviour.  We encourage children to consider and appreciate the views and beliefs of others even though they may be different from their own.