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At Eton Park Junior; A de Ferrers Trust Academy, we offer a facility whereby parents can pay a small amount for their child to receive a snack in school prepared by our catering company, Mellors Catering. Children can pay for snack and select the snack they would like on their snack sheet. Teachers have snack sheets in class for children to complete.


If you would prefer to provide your child with a snack, it must be a healthy option, such as: fresh fruit, bread sticks,  vegetable sticks, rice cakes, or dried fruit. 


Children should not be bringing crisps or snacks with high sugar content (like chocolate, sweet biscuits or sweets) for snack time. Although we provide water to drink, children may bring in their own cartons for drinking at snack time but not fizzy or sugary drinks please. No cans of pop are allowed.